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White Wedding Dress Lyrics Every day she fears her life will end Every time the call rings they are late They never come quite in time to see his fist Leave its mark on the side of her disgrace They'll never charge him anyway and you know it Say we can't get involved today So where's the choice and who protects her now Bruised and battered the blood has stained her gown Useless screams for help can't save her now Choices rendered the house is burning down No one will ever understand cause they don't have to feel his crushing hands And the ears that ignored her screams before are now wondering what she did it for But with a bottle of kerosene she found her freedom And then burned the bastard to the ground and ran The fire will now wash away the blood on her white wedding dress

Ultima melodie melodia versuri piesa cuvintele cuvintele Boy Sets Fire. Melodia versuri descarca muzica straina piesa mp3 White Wedding Dress cantece.

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