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Curtain Call Lyrics In town for one night only lust, fame and a feeling of the holy A new king is crowned for your delight yeah alright Single file it's just that easyââ¬Â¦a mere man to adore, and believe me Soon you'll be screaming with delight Take it back before I fall I'm no hero Behind the curtain there stands a statue designed to sell as many as they want to The consequences aren't worth your timeââ¬Â¦we're divine A fresh idol for a suffering nation a clean lamb for your slaughtering elation Another victim of our need to be weak The lights are on the stage is set for failure In your minds I will burn in effigy forever Burn forever

Melodiei cuvinte asculta asculta descarca Boy Sets Fire melodiei ultima melodie cantece versuri. Versuri muzica straina descarca descarca cuvintele piesa Curtain Call.

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