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rise before the sun we'll leave when it lifts the show must go on so we start on the run buy us meal or buy us some time if we want to arrive there look ahead at the road you can't see a thing but maybe we'll make it before it's too late there is no time to wait turn, turn on the lights as they drive by worked on the side keep your eyes on the road hands on the wheel don't let us slip this is almost a nightmare turn, turn on the heat they can't feel a thing as i fall asleep keep your eyes off the white don't let us die tonight white days like this i'll never miss they only come once a year feel the passing of day where nothing has changed night has determined to force us away buy me a room with bed and amuse this is almost resourceful stop, don't hit the breaks they don't do a thing we made it to nowhere with no time to spare no one said life was fair white days like this i'll never miss they only come once a year piesa cuvinte ultima melodie White Days cuvintele muzica. Muzica straina versuri asculta versuri piesa The Juliana Theory melodia descarca

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