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you suck the life out of the crowd without a sound i see your kind all around and of course you're all one in the same you suck the light out of a room with nearly a glance you are the slave of a clone of a petrified fool on a throne chorus: (so shame are you) you're in a trance you're in a trance (you betrayed me) you're in a trance you're in a trance (you're not the same) you're in a trance you're in a trance (you still need me) you're in a trance you're in a trance be careful, we're watching and you can feel us stalking we're patient and thorough you'll never see us let go you suck the life out of the new with all that you do they are naive and are driven to find there own identity you strip the joy out of the souls, inside of your moves you are the fashion of now and the sickening flavor of cool (Repeat Chorus) we'll tear your heart right out of your chest you're already dead and you can surrender or savor the scent of your old victories we'll steal the fire right out of your eyes and turn it on you we are the thorn in your side and the bullet to blow you apart blow you apart...

Versuri cantece descarca album cuvinte. Versuri The Juliana Theory descarca Trance mp3 album cuvinte mp3 muzica muzica muzica straina cantece.

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