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Don't wanna hear your voice Don't really know if I have a choice Don't wanna be the one that makes you forget You're choking on the (brain/grain ?) ( * 2) You're choking again Don't think we ever met Don't think you offered up a godgiven name Who did the talking, man the whip on the chain? You've got pleasure from the seconds of pain But then they get you with the burden of shame The true measure if the one that remains Don't wanna .. Don't wanna .. Don't wanna be your pain Don't wanna be your pain baby Don't wanna be your pain Don't wanna be your pain baby Don't wanna be your pain (very fast wailing sample: I live in a concrete cell, No soul is dead until we create a ? mind she ? the exact time she ? and take the young boy's lip she loves to see him crawl up the chamber wall ?????????? and with the eyes you covered like a ?? hovered ???????? and when they scream no more she doesn't care for one more (* 3) ) Won't let you kill me just yet Don't even care if there's a price on my head Don't wanna wind up in a blood ?? Don't wanna be your .. Don't wanna be your chain Don't wanna be your chain baby Don't wanna be your chain I said, I don't ...don't... I don't wanna be you chain (* 2)

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