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(spoken sample: take this first song and uh, dance I mean this, uh, first, let's start playing and dance.) Well I just shot a man to death Iç£e got a bullet out of my head He fired back and I canç£ stop A final shot and a final breath Afraid to stop and afraid to check The smell of fear and the color red Had him with a 2 inch shell Well itç£ a brutal smell of death (* 4) Saw my reflection in a spoon. I had it with my not approved excuse (--> ???) Iç£e got a supermanic soul Iç£e pulled the trigger in the record room (* 2) Iç£e put a stop to his loonytoons Iç£e put him down in the record room These are for you Dead - break this These are for you Dead - break this Dead! (talking samples) These are for you Dead - break this These are for you Dead - break this * 3

Supermanic Soul versuri muzica straina cuvintele cuvintele ultima melodie melodiei. Mp3 asculta melodia descarca Ministry versurile versuri.

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