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The coffee ran out today. No fag-ends in the ashtray. Seems like I'm out of luck. So many things that suck. This, that and all between. Yeah, everything I've seen. I can't even stand my face. I'm a hopeless case. I LIVE IN A WHININGLAND AND I CAN'T TAKE A STAND. My work is a heavy weight. Noone goes up at 8. My car is out of gas. The radio's playing fusionjazz. Got a girl who's untrue. She's been to bed with you. My future's a tight-knit rope. No way that I can cope. I LIVE IN A WHININGLAND AND I CAN'T TAKE A STAND. I LIVE IN A WHININGLAND WE'RE SUCH A SHITTY BAND. Fuck me and fuck you too. I've got nothing to do. You're charmed and I'm bewitched. Just hear the way I bitch. I charge myself on trial. To whine is my cool style. God bless those who complain. I drive myself insane. I LIVE IN A WHININGLAND AND WE'RE SUCH A SHITTY BAND.

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