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Yeah, go on and make me the scapegoat. And force your views down our throats. I must memorize all that you say. Cuz you won't tolerate it in any other way. LET ME THINK FOR MYSELF HEAR WHAT I SAY AND DON'T BELIEVE ALL THAT YOU'VE HEARD. LET ME THINK FOR MYSELF YOU'LL NEED EARS IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD. The best would be if I wouldn't think. A stupid monkey is the perfect link. Painted propaganda is the best way to act. And you're the first to judge before you know the facts. LET ME THINK FOR MYSELF ... You want attention and you're against it all. But tell it to my face and not spread it on a wall. I like your opinions but not what you do. Cuz in a way the closeminded are you.

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