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Versuri While I Was Waiting

(Roxie Dean/Gordon Bradberry) I fumbled with a napkin, I had a glass of wine I was a little early, I had a little time I sat up at the bar talking to a stranger It seemed a safe thing to do While I was waiting, while I was waiting for you He said that I was pretty, then he turned back to his beer And something about this stranger was subtle and sincere He said he grew up in Memphis, but he didn't like the blues And our one dance turned into two While I was waiting, while I waiting for you When you walked in the door When you walked up to him When you took my hand and said that you were cutting in This stranger from Memphis was very polite He said you sure do have a lovely wife Wife, he thought I was your wife Well that's what got me thinking, it's like someone slammed the door You just wanna girlfriend, I want so much more You ask me what's the hurry? You say let's take our time Well I say our time it just flew While I was waiting, while I was waiting For you to pop the question, for you to make your move I turned into someone new While I was waiting, while I was waiting for you

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