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Versuri Day One

Woke up this mornin', put the coffee on Opened up the blinds and there was the sun Now, this ain't just another day It's the hardest one I've ever faced Minute by minute, tear by tear If I can hang on and just be strong Tommorow will be here The hurtin' won't end, it's only just begun But I'll get over you, if I can make it through Day one I'll jump head-first into my work If I stay busy, maybe it won't hurt Anything to forget you're gone And keep the time from draggin' on Someday I'll look back on it all And thank God my heart survived the fall Minute by minute, I'll be hangin' on But I'll get over you, if I can make it through Day one Yeah, I'll get over you, if I can only make it through Day one

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