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When Rhetoric Dies Lyrics We raise the flags and statues to our mission we've spoken out in slogans and in campaigns talked and talked on almost every issue where oppression of the masses is the constant theme but what does this mean to a little town in Iowa where the jobs have gone downstream down south and out where their fingers used to work to the bone all day profits rise and fall and starvation is a game where is the food that used to cover their table where is the sense of pride at the end of the day to the face of a thriving corporation what could a dying family possibly say on the face of every American worker is the constant fear that their job won't remain as the C.E.O. is planning his vacation to kill or be killed is the nature of the beast stand in line take a number you sell your soul then watch it crumble into a pile of rubble that used to be your job your life your family's daily bread dry and stale malnourished kids the house is sold for a degrading bid do we continue to talk or do we take a hammer to their chains

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