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Versuri When God Goes Home

THERE ARE MOMENTS IN OUR LIVES WHEN EVERY WORD IS MEANINGLESS What has to happen happens And someones directing this I guess There are moments in our dreams Where fantasy goes to extremes We close our eyes and drift away Nothings left to say There are mad dogs in our governments With dollar bills and guns in hands Building walls then knock'em down First destroy the buy the town The write the book of history With lots of blood and misery Evers page is drowned in red Sleep well in your bed There are moments in our nights When we forget the world outside You'll take my hand and I'll take yours And then we shut the doors When you feel alone at night There's no - one there to hold you tight Call me up switch of the light And I'll help you through the night I'll give you everything I've got It's not much believe me but I'm just a little wheel In this machinery of steel oohh when god goes home The world sleeps alone

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