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The Oscar goes to Glen Close tonight She thanks the lord and her mum in the flashing light I wonder why the academy has forgotten you With all the brilliant shows you do Pretending that you`re loving me Starring in my tragedy So here we go on the walk of fame The camera rolls, you appear and forget my name Don`t forget to save your tears for the crying scene Drama queen on wide screen The carpetç£â red itç£â made of blood From the love that we once had Still hear you say... Our love`s like Hollywood Boomtown Babylon Perfect smile for a while if it sells Still hear you say Our love`s like Hollywood Boomtown Babylon And you`re the nominated one For the category (of) ?sham actress? With no success You close your eyes And hope that god will bless Your awfully expensive dress And maybe heç£Âl forget the rest The music swells as the hero dies He gives his life for his love and the audience cries There aint no reason good enough to go on like this A bad taste after every kiss fake tears are your speciality So don`t you cry for me Still hear you say...

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