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Whatever happens We'll have some love along the way But it ain't easy We'll look for some words of love to say And smile..mmmmm It may happen anyway And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight' And whatever happens They're'll be some time along the way When it ain't easy It just can't be sunshine everyday We'll smileââ¬Â¦mmmmm And be happy, anyway And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight' I've got you in my life Together we can reach the higher ground We'll be alright Just as long as you're around Girl, I won't let you down Whatever happens There'll be some good times, and some bad But it ain't easy Let's just remember the good times that we had And just smileââ¬Â¦mmmm And be happy, anyway And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight' (x2)

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