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Versuri Just The Two Of Us

I see the crystal raindrops fall And see the beauty of it all Is when the sun comes shining through To make those rainbows in my mind When I think of you some time And I want to spend some time with you Just the two of us We can make it if we try Just the two of us Just the two of us Building castles in the sky Just the two of us You and I We look for love, no time for tears Wasted waters's all that is And it don't make no flowers grow Good things might come to those who wait Not to those who wait to late We got to go for all we know I hear the crystal raindrops fall On the window down the hall And it becomes the morning dew Darling, when the morning comes And I see the morning sun I want to be the one with you

Muzica straina melodiei muzica cuvintele versuri versurile ultima melodie versuri ultima melodie. Bill Withers descarca Just The Two Of Us.

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