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DMX - What These Bitches Want [DMX] Uhh.. [Sisqo] DMX, Sisqo [DMX] Yo.. what these bitches want from a nigga? [Sisqo] Dru Hill, yaknahmsayin? [DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga? [Sisqo] HmmmMMMMMM (Ruff Ryders) DMX break em off [DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga? [Sisqo] Break em off, some.. [DMX] Aiyyo!! Dog, I meet bitches, discrete bitches Street bitches, slash, Cocoa Puff sweet bitches (WHAT?) Make you wanna eat bitches, but not me Y'all niggaz eat off the plate all you want but not D (UHH) I fuck with these hoes from a distance The instant they start to catch feelings I start to stealin they shit then I'm out just like a thief in the night I sink my teeth in to bite You thinkin life, I'm thinkin more like - whassup tonight? Come on ma, you know I got a wife and even though that pussy tight I'm not gon' jeapordize my life (aight?) So what is it you want from a nigga? (WHAT?) I gave you, you gave me - BITCH, I blazed you, you blazed me (c'mon) Nothin more, nothin less, but you at my door willin to confess that it's the best you ever tested Better than all the rest, I'm like, "Aight girlfriend, hold up I gave you, what you gave me Boo, a nut (f'real)" Chorus: Sisqo What these bitches want from a nigga? What you want.. (what you want) What these bitches want from a nigga? Really want.. What these bitches want from a nigga? I've been keepin you up on it Bling bling'n, on that jewelry girl I bought it What these bitches want from a nigga? Aiyyo, tell me what you want from me Baby tell me what you want from me! (So what you want?) [DMX] There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia (okay) Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia (ooh) Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki (uh-huh) Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky (damn) Cookies, well I met her in a ice cream parlor (aight?) Tonya, Diane, Lori and Carla (okay) Marina (uhh) Selena (uhh) Katrina (uhh) Sabrina (uhh) About three Kim's (WHAT?) LaToya, and Tina (WHOO!) Shelley, Bridget, Cavi, Rasheeda (uh-huh) Kelly, Nicole, Angel, Juanita (damn!) Stacy, Tracie, Rohna, and Ronda (WHAT?) Donna, Ulanda (WHAT?) Tawana, and Wanda (WHAT?) were all treated fairly but yet and still bitches is on some other shit now that I'm fuckin wit Dru Hill But I'ma keep it real (WHAT?) What the fuck you want from a nigga? (c'mon) What the fuck you want from a nigga? (c'mon) Chorus (w/ minor variations) [DMX] Aiyyo, I think about when a nigga didn't have (YEAH) and a nigga told a joke, and the bitches didn't laugh See now I do the math, I see if you got this and this and this to some cats, that nigga's the shit (aight?) And that's all they fuckin with, but see these bitches don't know If these bitches ain't for real, these bitches don't go Knock on door, no show, I'm sleep tryin to creep wit yo' best friend, put it in, dig deep [Sisqo - singing over dub chorus] X let me talk to em for a minute Oooohhh I know I know it's so hard to be a victim of my reality Heard you callin me names, said I was trife One thing you gotta know, I'ma be a nigga for life Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh yeahhhh Oahahohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chorus 2X (w/ Sisqo ad-libs)

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