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You got a minute for your son, Father? I need to talk I?m so tired of trying to run, Father Let?s take a walk I?m so sorry for whut I?ve done, Father It ain?t my fault The devil?s been on my back lately He?s like a hawk You never give us more than we can handle But it?s gettin hard And I?m a strong individual But i need you, God A lot of things that I used to I don?t wanna Runnin tha streets like i used ta I know i?m gonna speak the word for you one day Up in the light -- Halleluiah!! -- on Sunday I thank you Lord for the blessings that you gave me And for my life the blessings taht you have saved me and for my wife you have carried me ?nuff times and that?s the truth carried me through the rough times throughout my youth and through it that i saw you was still wit me i was that one lost sheep and you was comin to get me

Versuri versuri descarca melodia. Cantece muzica cuvintele album piesa DMX A minute for your son muzica straina muzica asculta cantece album.

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