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Bubble burst, wave break You got us wrong, make no mistake Lost treasures, classic brief They let us out it's no relief Come on chief let me off The last mohicans camped it up And all that's left said in jest Displayed upon a perfect chest Where have you been sunny Jim? Where have you been all this time? Drinking the last of the summer wine On the run in the sun High on the rocks West of the Cox Wake up quick, no one sleeps When we're awake we go for weeks Our eyes are red but we feel great We went to sea aboard a beer crate And have you heard the classic tune And read the book and seen the film And is this boy our local loon Have you heard him play the egg and spoon [chorus] Where have you been? Up and down yo yo saito Always ready so polite-o We had it all in every port All so susses a last resort We'll drift along for a while 'Cause we've got bite and country style And we've got this big decision to make A country mile or a u.s. Pancake [chorus] EMF versuri album descarca melodia muzica straina. Piesa versuri album versurile melodiei West Of The Cox cantece.

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