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Jimmy jack, flash smash Broken bottle, broken crash Shooting rotten, rotten hash Drinking bottles, what an arse up What a slip up, shouting flipping Screamers, laughers, trippers tripping Now my grasp on reality's slipping My straight-jacket ain't fitting Glass smash jack is having a bash See me now I have the mark See me glowing in the dark Play at night in the park Balls and razors, what a lark Knives and guns, guns are fun I'm on the run from falling over Over-dosed on four-leaf clover A drink with byte I'll call it rover Glass smash jack wants you Everybody wants you Wants your co-operation Jack smash has a mission He is in a delicate position For the performance of his ploy To do and then destroy Preferably with a hat It's quite a trip to hell and back And rather warm when you're in to bat And it's really isn't cricket Glass smash jack wants you... Etc Mischiefs done no turning back You're on your own now jimmy jack And all those memories that you bring From childhood to the power thing Don't they haunt you Don't cry And don't you hate And don't you wish It wasn't too late

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