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Yeah We want our sensuous sonic sound To send you to a stimulating and satisfying experience A place that we call Nextasy And I welcome you Come on, come wit me Ice with Pope Paul I drink my smoke smoke It's super models and your brand's on the low Our G tease the po' where this car can go Nothing is promo, our base get your dough (We welcome you) This is also for the ladies (To Nextasy) Get ready A place where no gangs that bought you the ring Just nine inches in chains buys you funny things You can cop that range, no instant pains And men don't complain, they love you the same (We welcome you) Don't be afraid (To Nextasy) Let us sonically move you You know this is Next Divine male, 2-G And we're giving you your personal invitation (To Nextasy) Let's go

Next versuri muzica Welcome II Nextasy. Cuvintele muzica album muzica asculta muzica straina asculta versuri asculta album cantece cuvinte.

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