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Feat. Duganz Shalont [Shalont] Da von Mill Next Hey love, you got it goin' on I watched you for years Watch the bra size bloss Shalont stay in ya ears Make me wanna sex you raw The thought alone make my dick draw Spit a ball in your pregnature Quite your night job, sounds good But the age thing got me shook Tell you what, let's hit the mall We'll blow them condoms in your pocketbook Alleviate the game girl Your world don't stop Come this time next week I'll have that cat on lock, rock on [Next] When you're walking down the street With your casual wear Rings on every single finger With your braided up hair Got your tatoo with your kid's name And your anklet on too What's the Next men gotta do To get next to you, rock on 1 - Rock on wit your bad self (Rock on) Go 'head wit your bad self (Rock on) I like the way ya swing it (Rock on) Oh, girl you got me thinkin' (Rock on) Rock on wit your bad self (Rock on) Go 'head wit your bad self (Rock on) Baby, rock on and on and on Smooth skin, hair done, nails too Juicy lips, phat hips, size five shoes Girl, I'm feeling you Two kids, nice crib, always clean Put on Next when we flex, how you scream It's so good to me, yeah Oh, let me show you how I like your style I'm crazy about you So let me freak you now, oh [Shalont] I see you like the game of hard ball Refuse to choose, Shalont rules, baby girl Third leg gong on the shack shoes You all laugh Cute face, breasts the bomb Slum busts, blubber like Louis's Armstrong Heard it from the grape' Besides, you the grape that they like Flirtin', mini skirtin' in your white Benz as buck I'll shoot you up plus knock you down And on the same note It ain't over till I stop or get in my last stroak Rock on Repeat 1 until fade

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