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Versuri We Love You

Allah u'akbar Hare Krishna Praise the Lord and Merry Christmas Aw, Praise (Beatrice) And Hare Krishna Aw, Merry Krishna Aw, Allah u'akbar In the interest of democracy repressive action were taken In order to preserve democracy, repressive action were taken Well we went down to Georgia, we were looking for some fun Instead we met the devil with a fiddle and a gun And he said I'm the baddest fiddler anywhere in the land And when he proved it to us, well, we let him join the band And he said Well, the devil he don't have the bomb And the devil he don't have a gun The devil hasn't got a car And the devil he can't play guitar DL: Rain cloud, moving red, a piece of a galaxy J: Air enormous disgusting parts of a moon V: Babbling Babbling landing color of blue white [blah blah] velvet DL: What's that? Good [blah], a dull new land J: A Horrifying glad magnificent star babbling daphnia, a pulsing V: A magnificent yellow speculation of velvet light a token rain cloud babbling (woofy) DL: A token velvet good. New Land J: [blah blah] D: A new land

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