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I remember his hat tilted forward His glasses are folded in his vest And he seems like the kind of man who beats his horses Or the dancers who work at a bar We saw on the screen his face for a moment No time to plead or even ask why Jack Ruby appeared from out of nowhere Then disappeared in broad daylight 'Cause he's a friend of that cloven-hoofed gangster the devil He's been seen with the sheriff and the police Drinking whiskey and water after hours, saying Let's do business, boys. The drinks are on me. So draw the box along quickly Avert your eyes with shame Let us stand and speak of the weather And pretend nothing ever happened on that day Grant us the luxury, 'cause all our heroes are bastards Grant us the luxury, 'cause all our heroes are thieves Of the innocence of the afternoons Now we think it's a virtue to simply survive But it feels like this calm it's decaying It's collapsing under its own weight And I think its your friend the hangman coming Choking back a laugh, a drunkard swaggering to your door Now do you feel that cold, icy presence? In the morning with coffee and with bread Do you feel it in the movement of traffic And days are terrible, simply forget versuri cantece cuvinte melodia versuri Jack Ruby descarca cuvintele. Camper Van Beethoven muzica straina ultima melodie piesa cantece melodiei mp3.

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