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Versuri We Gotta Talk

The way you looked at me Tells me you're sorry You walked by me Whispering you love me When I tried to hold (you) tight You pulled away But you wanted me to stay Instead you ran away Baby, talk to me let's stop playing games Don't turn away from me Just look me straight in the eyes Don't try to sweet talk me With those nasty words you say Baby, just be real and tell me how you feel Ooh baby, come and talk to me Together we can work this out We gotta love thing We're talking about The way you tricked me You know that wasn't right, ooh You tried to hit me There's no need to fight Because I gave you everything I had to give If you know it's worth the fight We gotta compromise Baby, talk to me And tell me what's wrong Come sit down next to me And let me feel the vibe you on 'Cause everything will be alright But we must communicate Tomorrow it could be too late 'Cause I love you boy And I (you) need you (me) here (too) Together we can make this thing work out To think about What we could miss You cry like this 'Cause every time I taste your kiss It makes me want to lose my mind Ooh, baby, come and talk to me Together we can work this out We gotta love thing We're talking about

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