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Versuri Talk About Us

I saw you and fell in love You saw me and fell in love, too You and me; we fell in love with each other last night I told you I was concerned You told me of your concerns, too Yet and still we both decided To make love last night Baby, please tell me [CHORUS:] Where do we go from here my love What are we doing baby Boy you gotta let me know Why can't we live the way we want I want the world to know I just gotta let it show What do we stand to lose If being together Is what we choose Oh my love I think that we should talk About us Could this be a crazy dream And if so then you're dreaming too 'Cause I know for sure that You feel the same as I do Could it be that we could be wrong Even though we're feeling so right I don't care because I know That I want you tonight And I know you want me too [CHORUS ] [BRIDGE:] You see all my live I've waited Waited all my life Just to be with someone like you [CHORUS ] versurile Talk About Us ultima melodie. Cuvinte muzica straina versuri cantece cuvintele versuri Jennifer Lopez melodia cuvinte descarca.

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