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Versuri Walking Through Tokyo

Walking through Tokyo (*) Visions of the Samurai Walking through Tokyo Looking through the dragon's eye I had a dream about the mighty Shogun Faded visions of the Samurai Mists of silk reflections of the city Dance across the silver blade Silent temples driving my emotions Voices whisper from another time Mystic dreams stretching out before me Take me through the Dragon's eye (Repeat *) I'm drifting slowly on the winds of kamikaze To the emperor on wings of gold Cryptic lessons from a long forgotten city Guard the passage to the inner soul Sacred mountains reaching to the heavens Holds the secret in it's frozen hand Standing proud silent and majestic Casts it's spell far across the land (Repeat *) In my dream I can see the darkness Draws the veil across the painted sky As the Geisha gives on dying pleasure I leave the magic in the land of jade (Repeat *)

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