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People say we're crazy but where's their sense of fun Take it to the limit, fly into the sun I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Flying into battle, target on the ground Screaming out of nowhere, at twice the speed of sound I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Now gather round you sinners, listen to my song (*) About the time we raised some hell down in Babylon I'm a warrior from the skies and you're about to die So put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Taste the danger out there supersonic run Loving every minute, let the hostiles come I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine Racing through the canyons, show no signs of fear Static on the airwaves, forget the landing gear I'm doing fine Up on cloud nine (Repeat *) Sonic boom, there ain't no room up here in the sky So take your aim, I feel no pain, I'm never gonna die (Repeat *) mp3 Saxon Cloud Nine asculta cantece mp3 cuvinte muzica. Muzica straina versuri muzica album versuri cantece

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