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I have the invitation that you sent me You wanted me to see you change your name I couldn't stand to see you wed another But dear I hope you're happy just the same Wedding bells are ringing in the chapel That should be ringing out for you and me Down the aisle with someone else you're walking Those wedding bell will never ring for me I planned a little cottage in the valley I even bought a little band of gold I thought some day I'd place it on your finger But now the future looks so dark and cold Wedding bells are ringing in the chapel I hear the children laughing out with glee At home alone I hang my head in sorrow Those wedding bells will never ring for me I fancy that I see a bunch of roses A blossom from an orange tree in your hair And while the organ plays I love you truly Please let me pretend that I am there Wedding bells are ringing in the chapel Ever since the day you set me free I knew someday that you would wed another But wedding bells will never ring for me

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