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Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. (with Audrey Williams) Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. CAPO: 4th Fret/KEY: B/PLAY: G [G] I was all alone and drifting on a lonely sea of sin Nothing but darkness, no [A7] sunshine [D7] within I [G] lifted my eyes, to the Lord in the sky And Jesus re-[D7] membered [G] me. CHORUS [G] Jesus remembered me And so He set me [D7] free [G] Once I was blinded, but now I can see Glory to God, He re-[D7] membered [G] me. Now the sun is shining, I'm happy and free No more sorrow, no troubles to see I'm going home to glory, my Saviour to see Glory to God, He rememberd me. CHORUS When He talked to His disciples at the Sea of Galilee He said He'd remember a mortal like me I asked for His blessing down on my knees And glory to God, He remembered me.

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