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We are untutored youth and heres the proof. Dont wanna know anything we don't and it's the truth - and they lost out. If you can't hear me just start looking at my mouth - and so you are. You might not like it but there's nothing you can do - don't even try. No use in knowing all the when's and why's. And if I really wanted to learn something I'd listen to more records and I do, we do, you do so. And that's the truth. When it feels like all you ever do is loose - here is the catch. There's nowhere you're gonna be a perfect match - we won't fit in. But there is no way in hell they are gonna win - and that's it. Not even (the finest pair of) gloves come witha perfect fit. And when people tell me what is ok and what is not, it should not be an unexpected scene seeing I extend my middle right hand digit and say. - would you like lemon or lime with that piece of advice mister?

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