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Versuri King Of Asskissing

Being the king of asskissing makes him a royal drag. And the king of asskissing, he's after me again, bringing me his royal nag. He takes every opportunity to get to me. ....And here he comes again dont think I'll ever be at rest. I suppose happiness will come to some but I'll never be a lucky one. Still I got to keep on hoping for the best. But once again he comes again thats how the story goes and it's been long enough for me to know where he's about to put his nose. SOMETIME, SOMEDAY THAT BASTARD'S GONNA PAY! The king of of asskissing says Im the one and only. And the king of asskissing with his constant presence he keeps me from being lonely. He's a royal branch of luncay that gets to me. ....And here we go again it looks as if he's here to stay. I've tried to beat to pull and whack. But a monkey sliding down my back won't easily go away. So once again he comes again about to reach his goal. The one and only monrach with his kingdom in a hole. SOMETIME;SOON THE KING OF ASSKISSING IS GONNA PAY

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