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* this is a song she performs in concert and which will be on a live album Erykah- Lets See How Ya'll Groove to this Alright I'm gettin' tired of your Shit You don't never buy me nothin' See Everytime you come around You got to bring Jim, James, Paul, & Tyrone See why can't we be by ourselves, sometimes See I've been having this on my mind For a long time I just want it to be You and me Like It used to be, Baby But ya don't know how to act So matter of fact (Chorus) I think ya better call Tyrone (Call Him) And Tell him come on, Help you get your Shit (Come On, Come on) You need to Call Tyrone (Call Him) And tell him I said come on Now everytime I ask you for a little cash You say no and turn right around and ask me for some ass Oh, Well hold up Listen partna I ain't no cheap thrill Cause Miss Badu is always comin' for real And you know the deal Everytime we go somewhere I gotta reach down in my purse To pay your way and your homeboys way And sometimes your cousin's way They don't never have to pay Don't have no cars Hang around in bars Try to hang around with stars Like Badu I'm gon' tell you the truth Showing groove or get the boot I think ya better, (Erykah Badu-He, he he) (Call Him) And tell him come on Help you get your shit You need to call Tyron (Call Him) Erykah Badu-Hold On But ya can't use my phone

Mp3 muzica straina melodia versuri asculta Tyrone descarca Erykah Badu mp3 mp3. Versuri melodia cuvintele muzica album melodia.

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