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Twelve Step Hammer Program Lyrics Bring it on I've got your life when I've got your fear I'll give you all what you want to hear you've got me figured out so perfect I'm on the couch lying to your face just to see what you can cut and paste of my life on your next banner wait I'm not finished with you yet race run frantic eating from my hand come on scrape your knees to the finish line the weak get pulled and you're left behind you think you know me feel the comfort the rug gets swiped and you've fallen down so many times that you have kissed the ground just for a piece of fact or fiction consider yourself the punchline in my new gag thank you very much you've given us all a fantastic laugh bring it on nose to nose and toe to toe tell me everything you know or is everything for show tabloid garbage in your fangs suck you'll be duped again I get the last laugh in the end

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