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Versuri True To Yourself

verse 1: somewhere in the distance i can see a mirror of myself who i hope to be someday finding my reflection always there but made so hard to see when it´s so clear clear to me, that pre-chorus: when the water rises reach for higher ground lose your fear of flying leave your doubts up in the clouds chorus: sometimes you gotta work a little harder sometimes you gotta be a bit smarter hold on just a little bit longer just be true to yourself at time you´ll be the only one standing don´t matter if you say you don´t fit in don´t try to be anyone else just be true to yourself verse 2: somewhere in the future for sure the past will come to show its face when it reflects what will you say be sure there´s an answer we have learned from our mistakes gotta do your best to change today repeat pre-chorus and chours bridge: we all fall, we all cry everybody, hurts sometimes we all lose, we all win we all try again hey, hey yeah repeat chorus (x3) j. vaughan / s. bennett-smith / a. murray / g. barlow | published by copyright control / 1st avenue music (bmg int) / windswept pacific / sony music | produced by christian ballard and andy murray for brat pac ent. engineered by james loughery | aadditional production jeremy wheatley and yoad nevo | mixed by jeremy wheatley for 365 artists | programming and guitars by yoad nevo for 365 artistsl

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