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Versuri Sometimes Happiness

verse 1: if you´re feeling lost, feeling put down trapped in a mess, or just fooled around if your wish was a hope, and your hope was desire when disaster appears through every corner hold your feet to the ground and close your eyes if it´s meant to happen to you, that´s the way of life chorus: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose sometimes you stay, and the other times you move sometimes it rains, but the sun comes out tomorrow sometimes happiness sometimes sorrow verse 2: taking chances it seems so unlikely to work in a way that you need it to loving or leaving old memories facing the hurt that is trapped in remembering grab somebody´s hand and lift your head high ´cos if you´re meant to be hurt, that´s the way of life repeat chorus bridge: how our hearts will find this light take the chains off our hands and free our minds for ever more following the steps the steps that are prepeared for freeing our souls repeat chorus v. amorosi / m. holden | published by universal music | produced by axel breitung for bishop audio | production assistant: kay nickold | guitars: axel breitung

Sometimes Happiness cuvintele cantece versuri melodiei. Muzica straina cantece ultima melodie cuvintele Vanessa Amorosi cuvintele versuri ultima melodie album.

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