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Canât see you through your blinding words Eyes burning through the lies you stutter Canât breathe in case I take them in Then Iâd lose my mind I believe that you believe in you Still reeling from the words you uttered Feel sick enough to let you win Recognising The trouble with me Is my troubles with you Sometimes you make me feel Like Iâm everybodyâs fool The trouble with me Is my troubles with you Youâd like me to believe I need no one but you I stumble from your juiced up promises Canât believe what I forgave in you Too scared by what you think Iâm living for So distorted Stupid me I should have listened to you anyway Between the line I would have heard the truth So slick you coulda lied to anyone Now I see that You can run You can run away But I can run too Far enough to see You can run You can run today But I can run too Far enough to see the wrong in you

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