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What was I waiting for Waiting for the bubble to burst Over your stagnant pauses Canât cure what your devil donât see Or light a fire below the death of me Weâve shot through all over our causes Days spin through my heart That sever the love Kill all the pain with shame I wonât be lost without you Iâve found a way to get through Now Iâm up and running Strong enough to walk away And leave you all alone I wonât be lost What were you waiting for Waiting for the straw to break Over the back of desperate ways You were a dream to me Now youâre nothing but a heart that bleeds Iâll wash you off and carry on (Repeat bridge and chorus) And when I see you I find another reason To keep myself from getting lost in you

Descarca cuvinte asculta Skin cantece. Album descarca mp3 asculta versuri album ultima melodie cuvinte melodia versuri cuvinte Lost muzica straina.

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