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In the land of raw dope Ain't no love for suckers Only real niggas And real bitches Strap up and roll Let a motherfucker know Hook: Trigger happy bitch Giddy up now This bitch might POW POW! Trigger happy bitch Giddy up now This bitch might POW POW! Verse 1: Hoes run the way Y'all betta recognise Triggers holdin' down this shit And it's Shante for the 9 to 5 Wicked bitch of the Westside Homicide you know the lead Getting up wid your grammer bitch Don't you trick Come wid some more realistic shit Hands in effect get ya ass kicked Body blows betta roll Chi got me be in a bogus fold Never get me love Just money hungry Got a sack of hay So I'm living naughty Trigger happy nigga bustin' caps Hell done broke and bitch is snap Stick ya up kid for the showdown You betta leave town fo the sun go down I'ma throw down on the low down And run you bitches outta town [The bitch is trigger happy and she gonna throw down] Hook 2x Verse 2: My name is trigger And if you pull me and I'm mad I will straight pop On some shit in the bogus bitch Toe to toe this bitch will bust Head up cause I'm fed up Some bitches get lead up Thinking I'm a damn joke Watch me get realer Shit ain't nuttin' funny I'm wreckin' money Niggas on my fucking bone Trying to make they self some honey But uhh, I ain't even wid that shit To lick the clit And get on trip Bitch ain't about that lovey dovey Bitch all about that hitty witty Hook 2x

Versuri asculta muzica asculta Crucial Conflict muzica asculta. Muzica straina versurile melodiei piesa Trigger Happy mp3 versuri piesa album muzica.

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