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He ruled the golden silent screen He haunted millions in their dreams His mem'ry lives on 'til today Some even say that he was lonely So listen to my story, here's some heavy news (Get a hold of this one) Some men think that they are hot , but they ain't got the charm of Valentino When that man gave you the eye, the masses would just melt and sigh for Tino Each new part he played made him a superstar My favorite pantomime, he never spoke a line People pass away but legends stay Valentino, R.I.P. My favorite sheik of araby You put us all in ecstasy Take any dream or fantasy You made them true not just for me So if I'm not being too cheeky, listen now (And hear this one) Fairbanks, Chaplin, Barry Moore had leading ladies by the score like Tino Sure, they all could latin love, but there was only one like Valentino There were rumors 'bout his personality Well let me tell you dear, don't believe all you hear As Grandpa died he whispered in my ear Tino was his favorite star So if I'm not being too cheeky, listen now (And get a hold of this one) [Repeat 1st verse] [Repeat 2nd verse]

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