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I found her in a dirty little cafe in an obscure part of Reno, sleeping in a corner Her features suggested further beauty, but the picture she presented just made me shiver I thought of the endless nights just searching with a handful of indications, most of them were useless Now that the journey was over I wondered, was it worth it, what had happened to the girl Carmella, people call you the mystery star You live on as a legend, but I searched for the truth Carmella, you have haunted me ever since when I once featured beside you with a one-sentence line I ordered two double whiskey sodas as I needed all the courage to go and wake her Then suddenly, two eyes burned right through me - I wanted to be certain who sat before me She told me that there were many reasons about her disappearance, the torment she'd been through Surgeons had ruined her sister's face, then they made her take her place, but Conchita couldn't act [Repeat chorus] [Repeat chorus]

Cuvinte Carmella asculta melodia. Melodia versuri muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele versuri Taco muzica cantece.

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