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Versuri Too Cool

I'm a coke shoe bopper From New Orleans I take every kinda drug That you ever seen I've eatin' inside, outside Bring in the twist I gotta fire my missle 'Till it sounds like this And I know, I know I'm,too cool Too cool, too cool, I'm too cool, too cool I know I'm too cool too cool Well I got somethin' here That I want you to feel You may not like it But I think you will Guaranteed to rock you Back on your heels Somethin' I call My electric eel And I know, I know I'm too cool, Too cool, too cool Too cool, too cool He too cool, too cool I've got a blind man watchin' me in my bed I've got a deaf man listening to everything I said I don't want you people to think I'm dead Because my eyes Roll back in my head And I know and I know I know, I'm too cool Too cool, too cool Too cool, too cool Too cool, too cool He knows it She sees it Too cool, too cool Too cool, too cool I'm too cool, too cool

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