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Versuri God Is On A Bender

The angels don't know where to find her She went out early yesterday Spreading havoc and destruction Breaking hearts along the way The saints are laughing burning churches There's love exploding everywhere People hanging out, expectation in the air (chorus)God is on a bender Tearing up the town Drinking everything Healing everyone Kicking Satan's ass around She threw a shoe at a bartender Closed the schools and split the sky Smoked racism and disease, pride and poverty too She's fired all the governments Put flowers in control Now she's singing and she's taking off her clothes Made all the money disappear She's feeding every hungry soul (chorus) She told a cop to mind his manners Put that thing where it belongs Turned all the bombs into houses All the bullets into popcorn All the reasons into song (chorus) The dogma cats are howling Their backs are up against the wall God is on a bender Heaven help us all Heaven help us all Yeah! hahahahaa

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