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Versuri Till death do us part

[B-Real] How many times have we been thru this I can tell you that it's getting harder everytime I try to resist We go way back and you held me down Helped my feet moving on the ground No matter what situation ocasion You were amazing, you knew just what it took to keep dough up blazing (?) I kept you by me, but when we seperated I was thinkin foolishly Remember when your Ex-Boy tried to bug on me I told to bring it on and (?) on me He didn't like that but didn't want the fight Fuck 'im, he didn't know how to treat you right We go hand in hand they don't understand a man But you do and I really respect that, damn We been down so long but it's all good That's why I dedicate this song

Versuri versurile muzica straina versuri Till death do us part Cypress Hill cantece ultima melodie Hip-hop asculta. Album cuvinte ultima melodie.

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