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Ay Cari el tierra del mi gente hermosa (Armada Latina) Tielo Sol, mia companarion te quiera Hermanito la lucha recien que impieza (Es mala por la gana) Yo naci con seretaina, yo naci Came out the other man Southern land Didnât have another hand Never had another plan Iâm different from to the mother land Some will get a summer tan Hotter than a summer jam Live for today Cause youâll never gettin another chance I ainât trippin off the he say and she say Cause we say FUCK And pass me a cuba libre Thatâs what we want Donât front I could see ya but You donât want to see the cohi up front How we blow it up We came to blow it up, hit the spot So weâre done Rappers in, blowin up Thatâs how we show the love Thatâs how we pass up all this shit that We know gonâ come Itâs like the soldierâs run is done when the wars won [chorus] Latino hasta la muerte Chicos they working hard Bout the noise, Suerte Gracias a Dios, Thank God Little Cuban from Miami coulda took neck route Marinero pasero con clinicas Anteo con muera Que dicen que pueden cura la abuela Yaâll like scarface, Iâm more like sosa Cypress hill pretty flaco Itâs our culture From cali to the crib, crib Me in miami Thank god Iâm doin music If not Iâd be turning families Iâm not a ⦠(oh no) About my cash flow Let me take this shit and send this letter to Castro ha, ha, ha Dale! [chorus] we way to hot always comin up with something clever acostalostra cypress hill maca fella feelin fancy in the hip throne, guayabera and we just clowning on what we call some, honey-lera call me sammy wild child from the isles I can go forever like an old fashioned country mouse Stilo be guajiro Latino is the lingo Iâm straight cubanichi I bang Pinar del Rio Lockin up this function Just like Banimo Go ahead and play the chongas And Iâm gonna rap over it Ya Iâm a fool Iâm outta here Yes sir I gotta go Get me some chibirica And slap me some dominoeâs [chorus]

Cypress Hill muzica muzica straina descarca album versuri. Cantece Hip-hop asculta piesa muzica Armada Latina versuri ultima melodie versurile.

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