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Versuri Til wrong feels right

I took a poundin' From the radio today I heard the radio say some piece of shit Was it the sound of today ? I took a bitin' 'beating' When I saw my TV play, I saw my TV play Over and over And there were no escape The box is hallow And that riff is fucking dead, That riff is fucking dead, But the riff is poundin' In my fucking head They're gonna push it Untill false is true Untill day is night They're gonna push it baby Untill wrong feels right Untill wrong feels right It's a big industry And they can beat my brain With houses and wars and chains They are insane Yeah But they can beat my brain God and his captains They won't pull a fucking plug They won't pull a fucking plug And give the skies Back to the birds and bugs

Descarca ultima melodie album Rock Iggy Pop Til wrong feels right cantece ultima melodie versuri muzica. Album descarca versurile muzica cantece asculta asculta muzica straina versuri.

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