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i was riding on a concrete slab, down a river of useless flab it was such a beautiful day i heard a witchdoctor say, "i'll turn you into a toadstool" i'm looking for the joke with a microscope my muscle's twitching on your words if you're on the streets you lose your nerves divinity throws you a curve sticks you and then you go beserk abhoaring no inspiration. i'm looking for the joke with a microscope page out of a comic book a chicken hanging on a hook a river and a babbling brook a sermon and a teenage hook shaking my hand at your fake face a suicide a certain look a microphone a loose guitar people feeling near and far stupidity a mental scar put cruel into cruelty as life goes by you in a blurr an achoholic has gone far everything just goes to far i was pissing on the desert sands, when the desert whispered to me, "damn! isn't this a shame? things will never be the same..." i run this gas and oasis now i'm looking for the joke with a microscope i was a teenage dinosaur, stoned and obsolete i didn't get fucked and i didn't get kissed i got so fucking dense using my head for an ashtray now i'll tell you who i am i'm the repo-man and i'm looking for the joke looking for the joke i'm looking for the joke with a microscope

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