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Black clouds on the horizon Great thunder and burning rain His chariot pounding, I heard the heavens scream his name I watched as he shouted To the giants that died that day He hehd up his hammer high And called to Odin for a sign Thor the mighty, Thor the brave Crush the infidels in your way By your hammer let none be saved Live to die on that final day Gods, Monsters and Men We'll die together in the end God of thunder, god of rain Earth shaker who feels no pain The powerhead of the Universe Now send your never ending curse Swing your hammer to crack the sky Lift your cape so that you might fly Back to Odin and the Gods on High And leave this mortal world

Muzica straina muzica cuvinte versuri cuvintele versuri Rock Thor album. Muzica Manowar piesa cuvintele melodia muzica.

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