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All play and no work makes christ a dull boy His life`s a misty lane Iôm waiting for the night -to come Iôm waiting for the spots -to shine I invite all my friends to be part of this dream Tonight something extraordinary is possible There`s no right or wrong to our way This day is mine this day is yours Take a deep breath - it`ll blow your mind Sample the moment - loop it again Tape this day and rewind it I know you never get enough ... ha... are you ready ... let`s go Come feel the blood rush into your head The sound it creates in your ears We`re gonna dance tonight - for sure We`ll get our curtain call - once more Yes tonight we`re the boys with the most cake and toys

Album descarca versuri cuvinte Emil Bulls cantece cuvinte descarca melodiei muzica straina ultima melodie album cuvintele This Day versuri muzica.

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