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For my sake You walk in like you were queen with your perky breast Goddamn why don`t you just come undressed With all those guy`s eyes on your body who do you think you are? Bunny ! that`s right For this night`s dolls Iテモテつエve sold my favourite thing again First I cold shouldered them then I realized that I adore all these babes Yeah now I`m alone with these funny Yeah now I`m alone with these funny buuuunniiieees Like water you`re absolutely clear Further more youテモテつエre worth being ignored No style and easy to look through I love your wet t-shirt your mini skirt bounce bounce oh let me shake that thing you`re superfly tonight nothing but pretty that`s allright like water you`re absolutely clearテδ「テ「つャテつヲ テδ「テ「つャテつヲ..tonight we`ve got no pride so for my sake go o

Melodia piesa muzica straina Chickeria cuvinte piesa versurile melodiei. Versurile ultima melodie melodiei versuri Emil Bulls versurile versuri album album melodia.

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