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Versuri This Christmas

2, 000 years ago, three wise men left their home When an angel of the Lord Said, "Seek the Savior born" Logic told them they were crazy They shouldn't even try The followed their hearts, they followed that star This Christmas, let me be that wise 2, 000 years ago, Mary left her home An angel said, "Have faith" The Lord will light your way The road was long and winding But a promise had been made From heaven above, that was enough This Christmas, let me keep that faith This Christmas, let this be the season Of peace and love, joy and true believing 2, 000 years ago, as everybody knows A perfect baby lay Asleep there in the hay The world would not believe Him But he loved them all so much On that first night, He was the light This Christmas, let me feel that love Keep that faith, be that wise, feel that love This Christmas

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